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Avril Lavigne Multiple Streaks Hairstyle


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Avril Lavigne has colored her hair with multiple streaks that is a unique way of coloring your hair. Anyone with any type of hair can achieve this type of look, but they must know how to change the color of their in this way. Multiple streak colors can help you to look out in a big crowd and the styling process is also very simple.
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Purchase the foil which must be 3 inches width as well as length of your hair. Take the color and mix it in a bowl by following the instructions on the kit. You must begin the coloring process from end of your hair and slowly move towards the scalp. Secure your entire hair over the head and pull out the hair in sections that needs to be colored. Brush your hair with rat-tail comb after spreading the color over it and secure it over the comb. Place your hair over the foil sheet before brushing your color. Fold the foil sheet outer edges over colored hair and just do the same on the left out hair section on top of the head. Once you covered the entire hair with color, try to dry it with a hooded dryer. At last take the foil out of your hair sections and rinse the entire hair as usual to end the process. Use the same rat-tail comb to brush your hair once again and style the hair as you wish.

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