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Methods To Get Graduated Hairstyle


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Graduated hairstyle is a simple looking haircut that can be achieved by visiting a hairstylist. This style can give a professional look for everyone who wears it. It is also suitable for all types of environment, but most probably a best option for a formal event. Those who like to keep their short can try this haircut than cutting the hair short. Just get some practice of cutting your hair before trying this hairstyling at home with your natural hair. Once the hair is cut, it cannot be brought back immediately so be careful.
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To get the graduated hairstyle, first you need to make a middle part from crown to the nape. Make a simple curved hair part which must extend towards the occipital bone at the back of the head. Maintain the hair at about 45-degree angle before cutting the hair and try to cut it at the sides of your head on both sides. Cut the hair by simply pulling it and make your graduation cut way away from your head at 90-degree angle. Follow the same cutting technique on the other part of your hair and make sure to use occipital area hair as the guide to cut the hair while creating the length at the front of your head. Finally adjust the parting which is seen at the sides using a minimal tension. Do the same type of haircutting on the natural hair parting as well to make this hairstyle look perfect.

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