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Nina Dobrev With Thick French Braid


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A thick French braid is a beautiful way of styling the hair that is long and it can also look much bigger if you have a thick hair. Many celebrities such as Nina Dobrev wear this hairstyle regularly on various occasions and anyone with thick as well as long hair can try this hairstyle.
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As usual try to comb your hair from top to end and make 3 parts in it. Then pull out a section of hair which must be much thicker than the braid you are going to create. Fold this hair part from the middle to make it the new middle part and your middle part will go to the right. Next fold left hair part over the middle one to make it the new middle part and the middle part will go to the left. Continue this process till the end of your hair to get the braid done. At last fold your hair once again to make it look wide and secure it using a hair tie. Now pull the hair with the end of your comb inside the notches away from the head and make sure to do this very gently without putting any pressure over the hair. Use a spray to mist the entire hair and if you have left the bangs in front of your head try to brush them over the head. You can also secure the bangs along with your braid or use pins to keep them secured.

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