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Treating Zinc Deficiency In Hair


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Zinc is a vital mineral that is known to be important to grow your hair. It is important to have enough zinc in your hair to prevent the hair from getting effected. Apart from supporting hair, zinc also takes part in other functions in your body. It also supports tissue growth and its repair. Even though zinc is not part of the hair, it affects hair growth. Consult a hair specialist or doctor before treating the hair for zinc deficiency.
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In case there is a deficiency of zinc in your body, the zinc in your hair gets distributed to the body. This can lead to shortage of zinc in your hair that can lead to slow hair growth. Having too much of zinc in your hair can also be harmful to it. The excess of zinc can help your hair to grow fast, but at the same time it can slow down the hair growth. There are number of foods that features zinc such as veal liver, peanuts, roasted pumpkin, squash seeds, oysters, wheat germ and more. Other things such as milk, oats and eggs also feature minerals. Those who don’t want to consume meat they can try zinc supplements such as zinc citrate and zinc acetate. Try to follow the instructions carefully while taking these supplements on regular basis. There are also other minerals that can affect the growth of your hair apart from zinc, so make sure that all of them are balanced in your body.

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