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Maintaining Soft Hair Without A Conditioner


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Most of the people will use a hair conditioner to keep their hair soft and the same product is recommended by hairstylist to get a soft hair. But there are also other ways to make the hair fully soft without using any hair conditioner. Even hair coloring can remove the softness from your hair, so consult a hairstylist while trying to apply color over your hair.
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Get your hair cut by visiting a saloon to remove any split ends to maintain the hair soft. Having a frizz hair can cause split ends that can remove the softness out of your hair making it look brittle. Always wash your hair using a shampoo specially made for to remove dryness from the hair. Use a normal towel to take the dampness out of your hair gently with your hands. Add a small amount of hair serum all over the hair while it is still damp and comb the hair to spread the serum from top to end. Don’t put pressure with your hair while combing it with the brush. Stay away from hairstyling products that feature alcohol as it can make the hair look fully frizzy. Purchase a hand lotion from a store near your home and apply it over the hair ends to maintain the softness as well as to make the entire hair look shiny. Use coloring products that are specially made for home use and avoid using too much chemical products for styling your hair.

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