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Making Coarse Hair Straight Without Any Chemicals


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Having a coarse hair can be difficult to maintain, so most of the women will try to make their hair straight which makes it very easy to control. Many people like to make hair straight by using chemical products available in the saloon, but there are also other ways to achieve straight hair without any chemicals. You can follow this simple technique to make the hair straight with the help of flat iron and don’t forget to spread a hair pomade over the hair to prevent damage caused by the heat produced by the styling tool. Always use high quality flat iron and hair dryer for straightening the hair.
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First you must clean the hair by washing it as usual and use a natural hair conditioner. Then use a hair dryer to make the hair dry in sections and use comb attachment along with a blow dryer during the drying process. Now take the flat iron with medium heat setting over the hair after creating different parts in your hair. Gently place the flat iron over the hair from top and run towards the ends of the hair. Avoid touching the flat iron on your scalp as it can serious damage to it. Use the flat iron at least two times to make the hair fully straight do the same on each hair part that was divided. Once your entire hair sections become straight with the flat iron, you can style it as per your desire.

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