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Get Purple Hair Using Kool Aid


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Purple hair color can give a very bright look to your hair and it is mostly achieved by visiting a saloon. If you don’t want to spend more time and money by going to a saloon, purchase a Kool-Aid to get this hair color at home. The hair coloring involves a very simple technique that can be followed to get a completely unique look. Before starting your coloring process, try to purchase items such as Kool-Aid packets, hair conditioner, plastic wrap, petroleum jelly, gloves and a bowl.
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First apply a small amount of petroleum jelly over your skin near the neck, face and ears to prevent the color from falling over your skin. Now wear hand gloves and take two Kool-Aid packets in a bowl. Mix a little amount of water in the bowl to mix it with the Kool-Aid. Next add two drops of conditioner into the bowl to create a paste-like product. Then dampen the hair with water and apply the mixture from the bowl all over your hair top to bottom. Take a plastic wrap for placing it over your head and leave it for few hours get a light to medium color. Leave the hair covered with the plastic cap overnight to make the hair look bright. At last rinse the entire hair once you remove the plastic cap out of the head using normal water. Now look your entire hair to see whether the color looks good.

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