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Creating Floral Clips For Wedding Hairstyle


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Hair accessories used for styling the hair are available with different options. There are hair accessories that are specially made for wedding hairstyles that can give an interesting look when you wear them along with your hairstyle. Use the floral clips along with your natural hair to make the wedding hairstyle look very good over your head.
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First decide about wearing the flowers along with the hair. Use silk flowers along with the floral hair clips to get a beautiful look. Try to take the floral wire which must be six inches long and push it at the bottom of your flower. Then bend the wire into half and cover the stems using a floral tape. Now take the flowers that need to be clipped and attach the flowers to your hair clip with the floral wire. The flowers must be clipped just at one side of your hair clip and leave handle of your clip free. Next take a ribbon to include it with the hair clip and try to match it with the color of your flowers. Try to wear the ribbon like a bow and secure them with your floral ribbon. Keep your clip over the hair after styling the hair in different ways. You can use your own designed hair clip along with the hairstyle that looks on your head. While using the silk flower over the hair clips, make sure to place it in a safe place without getting it crushed.

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