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Steps To Attach Sassy Hair Extensions With Clips


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Sassy hair extensions can be purchased from various beauty product supply stores. It is normally attached to your natural hair using glue. Most of the people use this sassy hair extension to style their hair temporarily. You can attach these hair extensions with clips for wearing it over your hair. It is possible to add more than one extension layers to the clips and keep it over crown of the head.
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First take the hair extension which must be the length of your bottom ears and move towards the back of the head. Try to cut the weft in this length and poke the end using the sewing needle. Keep the hair clip at end of your hair weft to make its teeth face outward. Start sewing your clip to weft band by pulling needle with the thread through the hole. Sew through the hole twice and make sure that your needle is at the back of your clip once you continue the sewing process. Try to slip your needle just below the where you had done the stitch before and pull your thread tightly to create a knot at the thread end. Now you must sew it in the same way at least in every two inches and take another weft which must be the length of your middle of the ear and till the back of the head. Continue the sewing process in the same way as you did with first section.

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