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Maintain Burgundy Hair Without Fading


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Burgundy hair color can give you a bright looking hairstyle, but most of the time dark hair will fade away which can make them look bad. There are various styling methods that can help to prevent the burgundy hair color from fading away from your hair.
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First wash the hair with shampoo suitable for burgundy hair and also use a proper hair conditioner as well. Always use cold water to rinse the hair because using warm hair can as they can damage the cuticles of your hair. Don’t use the water that contains chlorine as they can fade away your hair color very soon and also cause damage to the hair. Avoid using heat styling tools on your colored hair as it can also affect it making the hair color look dull. In case you are styling the hair with a heating tool such as blow dryer, try to mist the entire hair with heat-protectant hairspray. Apply color glaze over the burgundy colored hair once in a week after washing it and follow the instructions mentioned on the product. The color glaze will help to seal your hair cuticles by adding more shine to the hair making it look beautiful. You must also color the hair roots on regular basis with root touch-up styling kit to maintain the burgundy color evenly throughout the hair. Always use color-depositing hair shampoo over your burgundy colored hair as it can maintain the sparkle in it.

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