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Using Hair Weaves To Create Bangs


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Creating bangs in your hair can give a unique look, but you must put some effort to get this look with weaves. Cutting your natural hair to create the bangs can be hard for some of them as it will take time to grow back the bangs. Instead of cutting the bangs with your actual hair, try to attach the bangs in the hair weave.
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First make a simple part in your hair which will be used to create the bangs and secure the remaining lengthy hair towards the back of the head. Now take two inch hair weave and apply a extension glue on top of your weft. Next create a diagonal part which must be half inch over your first extension and secure the balance hair. Use the glue over another two inch hair weave just like you did with the previous hair weave. Work with the weave till your reach 2 inches over the actual hair and cut your hair to create the side-swept bangs. To create straight bangs take hair weave which must be the length of your one temple to another. Place the extension glue over the hair weave and keep your hair weave aside for a minute. At last comb your hair which was secured at the back of the head and make the bangs to fall in front of your forehead. Cut the bangs that fall over your eyebrows as per your wish before styling the hair.

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