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Using Hot Air Brush To Create Curls


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Hot air brush is a hairstyling tool that can be used to create beautiful curls in your hair. It also features hair dryer and round brush that can be use to style the hair in a perfect way. There are special ways that can help to use this tool for styling the hair. Before starting the styling try to comb the hair with a brush to make it free from knots.
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To create the curls using hot air brush, first make sections in your hair and brush them gently. Then use thermal protector to mist it all over your hair sections to create more hold to your hair. Next take hot air brush and slide it over the hair from top to bottom of your hair. Then move the tool from end of your hair and move towards the top. Let the hot air brush stay in your hair for few seconds and gently take it out of the hair by twisting it. Now take another hair section and try to mist it with the thermal protector before using the hot air brush over it. Next take the hair ends in the hook and roll it towards base of your scalp. Let it stay in the hair for ten seconds and take it out very slowly without damaging your hair. At last you will have head full of curls which must be misted it with a hairspray to keep them in place.

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