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Using High Lift Color To Lighten Hair


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High lift color is one of the best product to make your hair color light at home. It makes you hair light the maximum level and you must follow a proper method while using it on the hair by sitting in your home. This product is known to be very much strong and you must leave it on the hair for too long.
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To apply the high lift color on your hair, first purchase the product from the store along with the developer. Now read the instructions on the kit of the product before using it on your hair. Next wear hand gloves and mix high lift color along with developer in a bowl as per the instructions. Cover your shoulder with a waste cloth and create four parts in your hair. Then apply the mixture in the bowl all over your hair starting from the end using a color brush. Avoid coloring your hair roots as it must be done at the end. Use the same method on all the hair parts that was divided before. Finally apply the mixture over the hair roots and let it stay on your hair for half an hour. Try to look at the hair color on your hair once in five minutes and rinse it using cold water. Dry your hair with a towel and apply nutrient-rich hair conditioner all over. Rinse the entire hair once again after leaving the hair conditioner for just three minutes.

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