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Formally Styling Your Short Hair


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Having a short hair can be disturbing for many people as they cannot style as per their wish. But you can style the short hair formally without using any special hair accessories. Here is a way to style your short hair for formal occasions. But make sure that your hair is not fully short before styling it in this way.
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The first way to style your short hair is with a headband that can be placed as per your wish. Select the headband that looks on your hair and just wear them as usual. Try to style your headband by adding shiny feathers over it before using it over the hair. This is the best way to make your headband look colorful without wasting any money. Use the same headband to pull your entire hair over your head which is another way of styling the hair. Spread a little amount of pomade over your short hair as it can make your hair look thick that will give more hold to the headband. You can also use dry shampoo to wash the hair that is thick that can give stability to your hair and make it stay in place perfectly. Try to secure your short hair with pins and keep them placed over the head. Most of the kid’s style their hair in this way and same method can be applied even with others hair. If required try to experiment by wearing a scarf along with your short hair.

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