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Lindsay Lohan With Mermaid Curls


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Lindsay Lohan has got beautiful mermaid curls that can be the best option for a special event like a wedding. This style can look good if you have a naturally curly hair and even if you use a curling iron to create the curls in your hair. It is also worn by many other celebrities for various occasions.
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To create Lindsay Lohan mermaid curls, try to brush your hair with a normal comb after misting it with a hairspray. Then leave your hair for few minutes to make it dry on its own and comb it again with the same brush. Now you hair must look fully damp from top to end and create a center part over your head. Try to braid your hair with the two sections with two options such as full curls and crispy curls. To create the full curls over your head try to create a braid over the top of the head just near your hairline. Use hair tie to secure the braid in place and make sure that the braid looks long. You can leave the hair with braid as long as possible or even overnight for best results. In the morning you can take the hair tie out of your brand and brush it with your fingers. At last spritz your hair with light spray and apply hair mousse all over the curls. If you want the crispy look, just brush your hair with a comb in a gentle way.

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