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Stand Up Hairstyle With Polish


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Making your hair to stand up is a very easy process that can be done with various hairstyling products. One of the most simple way to achieve this look is with a hair polish such a wax. This hairstyle can give a fun look with short to medium hair. You must need a blow dryer, hair gel and a hair wax to achieve this hairstyle. Don’t forget to spritz your hair with a spray to add shine into your hair.
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To make the hair stand up, first blow dry your hair and spread a little amount of gel throughout your hair. Now use your fingers to make the hair stand up straight. Do this all over the head in sections by twisting the hair with your fingers. The hair must stand up like spikes all over the head and mainly in front of your head. You can just pull the hair out with your fingers and twist it in such a way that is stands up as straight as possible. If required you can just use the blow dryer over the hair to make it stand in a perfect way. You can try to scrunch the hair slightly with your fingers to create a messy look. At last apply a little amount of hair polish such as a wax from middle of your hair to the end. If needed, you can also use a shining hairspray to make the hairstyle look good.

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