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Creating Bangs With Invisible Ponytail


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Adding bangs to an invisible ponytail can make your hairstyle look really amazing. The invisible ponytail is normally created by weaving a hairpiece into the ponytail which will also make it look thicker. Just follow this simple method to create the invisible ponytail along with bangs. The hair weave can be the perfect choice for those who have thin hair and it can also help to make your hair look volumized. But this style can also be created without using any hair weave and just with your natural hair.
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First divide the hair in front of your forehead which will be used to create bangs. Now pull out your remaining hair near the place over your head where the ponytail will be secured. Use the comb to make circle around base of your ponytail and draw circle two inches away from the hairline. Use elastic to secure your ponytail in place and brush your hair which is outside your circular parting. Keep the weft over the ponytail base and continue to wrap your weft till the ponytail base covers your circular parting. Put pressure over the hair towards your scalp to make it sit perfectly. Take the elastic from your ponytail and try to comb the hair in it. Apply hair gel all over the hair including the weaves from top to end to make it smooth. Finally secure your ponytail in place and brush he bangs in from of your head.

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