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Quick Weaving Afro


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Quick weaving afro can give a unique look, but you must follow a proper method to achieve it properly. The weaving technique is a process where you will weave the tracks into the head after placing the wig cap. Here is a way to achieve this look at home without any special products. You must purchase a proper track from the store for using it in this styling process. Make sure to use the glue properly for placing the tracks over wig cap.
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First clean the hair with a shampoo and apply a conditioner. Apply a small amount of setting lotion all over your hair and sit under the hooded dryer to make the hair dry. Once your hair gets dry fully cover the hair with a wig cap. Now cover the wig cap with a shower cap and take another wig cap for keeping it over the shower cap. Take the tracks with the perfect length and hold it over nape of the neck. Apply small amount of glue over the track before pressing it firmly with your hands. Do the same all over your head on the wig cap starting from front to back of the head. Try to cut 2 inches track and attach it to edge of your track. Now try to roll the attached track in circular formation and flip it upside down close to the weave. At last style the hair weave as per your desire to end the process.

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