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Treating Thinning Hair With Onion


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Thinning hair can give a hard time for many people as it can spoil their entire look. There are various ways that are followed by different people to control the thinning hair. One of the simple method that can be used for this treatment is with the help of a onion. Just follow these steps for using onion safely over your head for treating the thinning hair. This is also a very old way of treating the hair followed by Afro-American people. Using too much of onion over your head can be harmful, so consult a hairstylist before undergoing this treatment at home.
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First take a onion and peel it out gently into four pieces. Now go through your entire head to find the places where there are no hairs and the onion will be used on these areas. Just take the peeled onion and rub it over the scalp very slowly and gently. The onions contain high sulfur that is known to stimulate your hair follicle and make the hair grow back. Instead of applying the onion directly over the scalp, try to cut it into small pieces and mix it with a normal shampoo. Next use the shampoo for washing your hair as well as the scalp. This is a very old method of treating the scalp and it is known to be very much effective. It is important for you to consult a hair specialist before getting this treatment done over your scalp.

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