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Short Hair To Create Crown Braid


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A crown braid is a beautiful way of styling the hair, but you must have a long hair to create it. It is difficult to create a crown braid if you have a short hair, but there is a way to create this hairstyle even when you have a short hair. Just use this method to get this hairstyle done on your hair at home.
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First begin your styling from one side of your head just like creating the French braid. Divide hair into three parts and try to braid it as usual. Try to take one part of hair for folding it over and continue this process all around your head. You must concentrate the braiding your hair in front of the head to create a round shape. Turn the head gently upside-down to bring your hair from the back of the head towards the braid in front of your head. You must secure the loose hair while creating the braid on each place over your head without leaving them to hang over the head. Another option to create the braid is moving your braid forward and use pins to secure them in place. Take your hair like a new part and braid it as you continue to include the hair sections in front of the head. After reaching the front of your head, secure it with another pin. The hairstyle must look like a headband which must surround your head.

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