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Jennifer Lawrence With Back Hair Bump


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Jennifer Lawrence has got a hairstyle with back hump that is a perfect choice for those who want to have attractive looking hairstyle. In this hairstyle, you will have a hump at the back of your head and you can also have bangs in front of the head. There are also other celebrities who style their hair in this way. It is very easy to achieve this type of hairstyle by following this simple method. Match the back hump with a proper dress and accessories that can make it look beautiful.
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To get Jennifer Lawrence back hump style, comb your entire hair and take it behind your head. Now take the hair section from the forehead towards the crown and twist it at back of the head which will be used to create a simple ponytail. Try to twist the ponytail twice and secure it in place in a proper way. Slightly push your ponytail forward and then secure it using more bobby pins. Finally use a hairspray to mist it over the hairstyle and this will help to keep the entire look in place. Adjust the remaining part of your hair as per your desire. You can also use accessories that can make your hairstyle look amazing. You must prevent the natural oil in your hair as it will spoil your hairstyle, so misting it with a spray is very important. Avoid using hair clips as it can cover your bump.

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