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Styling Your Hair After Heat Damage


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When the hair gets damaged due to heat styling, it is not possible to maintain it normally. You have to give extra care while treating the heat damaged hair. There are special ways you must follow while styling the heat damaged hair at home. Here is a technique that can help to styling your hair that has been damaged with heat styling product.
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First you must take the porosity from your hair and apply a little amount of shine serum all over. Now use your fingers to spread the serum throughout the hair and this will make your hair look healthy. The main damage in the hair will normally be found at the sides of your head, so concentrate at this part more. Try to pin the hair at the sides using a hair pin and this will also give you a unique style. Most of the people with damaged hair will secure the side of your hair with pins to make it look good. Another option is creating sections in the hair and pull out each section for working it with the styling product. The serum used on the hair will also help to create the curls very easily and you can also twist each section with your fingers to create the curls. Do the same all over the hair until it gets into a proper style. Always mist the entire hair with a hairspray when you are styling the hot damaged hair.

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