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Using Gel For Quick Weave


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Most of the people will like to style their hair with weaves, but they have to go to a saloon to achieve it in the right way. This can cost more money and they have to spend more time by visiting a saloon. There are to achieve the same type of look without going to a saloon with the help of hair gel. You must properly cut the hair weaves for attaching it over your head.
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First take a hair gel and apply it over a clean hair that has been washed on the same day of your hairstyling. Then apply a hair conditioner and brush the hair from top to bottom using a normal comb. Now mist the hair with a spray and use a hair dryer over your hair to make it dry. Then take the weave which must be the size from one ear to another and apply a little amount of glue over the weave track. Mist the track with hairspray and add it over your head. Use the hair dryer again over the weaves for just five seconds and use the same method all over your head. Try to cut the weave with perfect size and apply it around your head. At last take two inch weave and place it over the track before rolling it into small circle. Once the track gets rolled, apply glue over it and keep it as small circle over the head.

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