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Piggyback Style With Afro Hair


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Piggyback hairstyle is a very unique way of styling the hair, but you can also create this style with a afro hair. For this you have to follow a special method to make it look good. This can give very different type of look if you use it over the afro hair with the help of a roller set. You can use the following method on any type of afro hair whether it is curly or wavy.
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First apply a small amount of hairstyling product over your hair which must add more volume to your hair. Then leave the hair to set with the product over it which will make it look neat. Now pull a small part of hair and start applying the roller set just close to your scalp. Secure the roller set in place using the clip and do the same in remaining areas of your head. Use as many rollers as possible in your hair and keep it close to the scalp. If you leave the roller set over the hair, it is known as piggyback with roller set, but you must remove the rollers once it is set in your hair properly. Now your rollers will create the wavy look in your afro hair and remove them if you don’t want to keep it on your hair. Try to clamp the rollers in your hair and this will be called as the piggyback hairstyle in afro hair.

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