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Steps To Follow While Washing Your Lace Wig


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Lace wigs are great way of styling yourself without touching the natural hair. But it is important that you wash the lace wigs on regular basis to prevent any kind of damage to it. There are proper ways to be followed while washing the lace wigs. Avoid using any products that can damage the wig during the washing process.
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To start the washing process of your lace wig, first place it in such a way that you can wash it without any damage. If you have a mannequin head just place the wig over it or create anything that is similar to the mannequin. Now little amount of warm water in a bowl and place the wig into it gently. Try to use a normal shampoo that is made specially for applying it over the lace wig during the washing process. Use a sponge over the wig while you try to soak it in the bowl of warm water. Next scrunch your wig gently with your fingers and try to rinse it as usual. Make sure to rinse your wig starting from top and move towards the end of your lace wig. The entire wig will become free from all the dusts in it now. Just use a normal towel for drying the lace wig and don’t put too much pressure while rubbing it with the towel. Use the same technique for washing your lace wig on regular basis to maintain it in a proper way.

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