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Adding Volume In Hair With Flat Iron


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A flat iron is not only used for making your straight, but it can also be a perfect choice to add volume into your hair. The flat iron can be easily used by anyone by following few simple steps. You can add more lift in your hair with the help of a flat iron without getting any help. Any type of flat iron can be used to create the volume into the hair, but use the following method to do it in a perfect way.
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To add volume in your hair with flatiron, first purchase the flat iron that is normally used for making the hair straight. The flat iron can be used just like using a curling iron in your hair while creating the volume. Try to comb the hair as usual to remove the tangles and create sections normally. Then pull out a small section of hair and place the flat iron over it as close as near your scalp. Make sure not to touch the scalp with the flat iron over your head as it can cause serious damage to the skin. Start twisting the flat iron gently on one side and pull it out from your hair. Now you will have added volume into the hair section. Take another hair section and twist it just like this to achieve more volume in the hair. Don’t leave the flat iron over your hair for a long time as it can burn the hair.

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