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Applying Lowlights On Your Gray Hair


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Applying lowlights over a gray hair can make your entire hair look natural. There are different ways for using the lowing over gray hair without going to a hairstylist. Many people will color their hair fully or apply highlights to color the gray hair, but to get a natural look for your hair always apply lowlights.
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To begin the styling process, try to purchase a hair coloring product and a plastic cap which must contain holes in it. First cover your head with a plastic cap and pull the hair strands from the hole of your cap. Try to apply the color over your hair strands which must be medium dark brown. This will give you natural-looking lowlights from top to end of your hair. Avoid coloring your gray hair black as it will spoil your look as it make the entire hair look artificial. Sometimes after washing your hair once the coloring process it completed, the colored hair may turn into yellow so try to mix the hair color in a perfect way. Let the color stay in your hair strands for about half an hour and wash it as usual with a shampoo. Now you can styling the hair as per your wish and even trim it with proper haircutting technique for unique look. The same coloring method can be used for highlighting your hair to make it look unique with the help of same plastic cap over the head.

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