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Keira Knightley With Beveled Edge Style


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Keira Knightley is wearing a beveled edge style which is a beautiful way of styling medium to long hair. It is also a unique way of styling the hair where you will have sharp ends in your hair. To get this look ion a perfect way consult a hairstylist and with some good practice you will be able to achieve the same hairstyle at home. To achieve beveled edge style like Keira Knightley, first get some reference about cutting the hair in this manner by looking at various photos with beveled edge look. You can also see Keira Knightley photos with this haircut to get the same look with your hair.
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To begin the beveled edge haircutting process you must purchase the tight scissors which must feature flatter edge about 35-degree angle. These scissors are specially made for using it by professional hairstylists, so try to use them on a wig for cutting before using them directly over your hair. This will make your styling process simple. Start cutting the hair as usual like doing a blunt cut which is known to be the simple way of achieving the beveled edge cut. Once the hair is cut in this way, try to wash it before applying a hair conditioner. Make sure to spritz your hair with water while cutting your hair with the scissors which will make your haircutting process simple. Trim the hair that comes out of your hairstyle at the end of the styling.

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