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Preparing And Using Scalp Conditioner


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There are many products that are available for applying it over your hair, but at the same time you must also condition the scalp to maintain it healthy. To have a good hair growth it is important to condition your scalp as well with the help of moisturizing conditioner. Here is a simple way to prepare natural conditioning product for your scalp.
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First take 1/4 cup of olive oil in a saucepan and mix it with 1/4 cup of sweet almond oil. Then mix half cup of water in the saucepan along with two tbsp of honey. Now place the saucepan with all these ingredients on a stove and make it boil. Next leave the ingredients in the saucepan to cool down and once it become completely cool pour it in a spray bottle which will be used as the conditioner over your scalp. This will be applied over the hair after your hair has been properly styled. Now make a simple part in your hair and mist it the scalp with the conditioner from the spray bottle. You must mist it freely over your head without keeping it away from the hair. Use your fingers to massage the scalp with the conditioner and leave it on for just fifteen minutes. For better process you can leave the conditioner overnight if required. Then rinse your entire head using warm water and wash it again with shampoo before using a normal conditioner again.

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