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Get Rid Of Semi-Permanent Color At Home


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Coloring your hair can give a unique look and many people use coloring kits to change the color of their hair. Sometimes the color applied over your hair will completely different once it becomes dry, so there is no need to panic. There are different ways to remove the color applied over your hair especially if it is semi-permanent. Some of the technique will involve chemicals that can damage the hair, but here is a natural way of removing semi-permanent color from your hair. Consult a hairstylist before undergoing any color removing process at home.
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First take clarifying shampoo of 3 tbsp in a bowl and mix 1 tsp baking soda along with 1 tbsp peroxide in the bowl. Now dampen your hair with water and apply the mixture throughout the hair from root to end. Gently massage it into the hair and rinse it as usual. Once again apply the mixture over the hair and rinse it for the second time. Next take 4 drops of lime juice and apply it over the hair using your hands which can help to take the pigment out of your hair. Once you followed this process make sure to condition the hair with a protein conditioner to prevent any kind of damage to the hair. You can also mist the hair with leave-in conditioner to maintain the moisture in it as the coloring removing process will take the natural oils out of your hair.

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