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Michelle Dockery With Bob Ponytail


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Michelle Dockery has got a styling bob with ponytail that is a simple way of styling your hair. You can wear this type of hairstyle for any occasion and it can be suitable for different face shapes. Even with a medium hairstyle you can get this hairstyle, but make sure that you are able to pull the hair behind your head. Follow the method to get this type of style at home.
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To get Michelle Dockery hairstyle, first you must brush your hair to make it fully free of knots and apply a little amount of serum all over your hair from top to end. Make sure to apply the serum mainly over the scalp apart from spreading it over your hair. Next pull out your hair as much as possible behind your head to create the ponytail and use a hair elastic to keep it in place. Now take bobby pins to secure the hair that comes out of your ponytail as you will find them throughout the hair due to the length of your hair. While using the bobby pin over the hair you must start from front of the head and move slightly towards the back so it can look good. You can use more bobby pins to keep the hair secured in place until the hair strands are kept properly in place. At last use a finishing hairspray to mist the entire hairstyle to keep the hair in place perfectly.

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