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Braided Rose Hairstyle


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Creating a braided rose is a unique way of styling your hair and this hairstyle can be a perfect choice while attending a wedding. To get this hairstyle you must follow a proper method to make it look good. You must prepare your hair properly before starting your styling with Dutch braid.
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First make a side part with your hair and make 3 sections to create the Dutch braid. Try to braid the hair inside out to create the braid from top to the down part of your hair. Try to braid the hair past your ear on one side of your head and move across back of your head. Try to pull out small parts of hair from below the braid and leave lot of hair down near the nape of your neck. Now work across toward the back of your head towards another ear and try to change its directions to make it look like S shape. End the braiding process with a normal three braid style and now take the rose shape loops to create looping barrels similar to petals in the rose. Use elastic to secure the braid and twist end of your braid to create rose shape at the back of your head. You can simply wrap your braid around like a circle to create the rose shape and tuck hair ends underneath. At last use attractive looking bobby pins to keep the braided rose in place.

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