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Two-to-One Technique To Create Ponytail


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Creating a ponytail with two-to-one technique is really easy as it can be done at home without any help. You will be creating two separate ponytails to get this hairstyle and then each of these ponytails will be divided into two before securing them into different sections with elastic. At last you will be combining the ponytails together to achieve this unique looking hairstyle.
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First create a simple part in your hair and make center back part with highest point on your head. To create center section try to take hair at left side of your head and secure it small elastic to create the ponytail. Do the same on the other side of your head to create the ponytail. Try to smoothen both the ponytail by brushing them as usual. Now there will be two ponytails and fold them into half by wrapping it around itself two times twice. Take another hair part and follow same method to create similar type of ponytail. Now criss cross both the ponytails behind your head and keep them secured with bobby pins. Collect a small part from your ponytail and tuck it around itself as close to your head. If you find any loose hair strands around your head, try to tuck it under the ponytail. You must get some practice to follow this technique while creating this ponytail. You can also use rubber bands to secure the ponytail at the end of your hairstyling process.

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