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Steps To Apply Goldwell Hair Color


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Goldwell color can be used to change your natural hair color permanently and it is also mixed just like mixing most of the hair coloring product. This product is mainly used by professional hairstylist and it is available only in hair salons. If you are willing to use this hair coloring product on your hair follow this method. Make sure to do a strand test with the color before applying them on your entire hair.
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First select the best Goldwell color which is available in bottle and tube with selected number as well as letter combination. You must know which developer is perfect to be mixed along with Goldwell color. You must mix Goldwell color along with developer in a proper way like to lift your blonde color try to mix 2 parts of developer in 1 part of hair color and mix them together in a perfect way. Apply your mixed color using a coloring brush from root to end of your hair for regular use. In case you are using the product for the first time, apply the color from mid-shaft of your hair about 1 inch away from scalp and 1inch from your hair ends. Now you can apply color on your hair roots and the hair ends. Let the color on your hair stay for about half an hour and rinse it as usual before using a hair conditioner. Then rinse your hair once again after leaving the conditioner for 2 minutes.

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