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Coco Rocha’s Gelled Ponytail


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Coco Rocha is wearing a unique and simple hairstyle that is known as gelled ponytail. This is a perfect way to make any type of hair beautiful with few simple steps. Make sure that you have a lengthy and thick hair to achieve this hairstyle by using a hair gel. Many people will create ponytail with their hair, but by using gel this hairstyle can look completely neat. You will have a damp looking hairstyle throughout the hair and it will also look shiny without any special styling product.
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To get her hairstyle, first brush your entire hair and spread the gel in the hand. Next spread it in your other hand and apply it on your hair from start to end of your hair. You must brush the hair with your fingers slightly and pull out your entire hair at the back of your head which will be used to create a standard ponytail. The ponytail can be kept in any part of your head and in case you have a lengthy hair try to secure it exactly at the back of your head. Use a normal elastic to secure your hair and brush it with wide-tooth comb. Try to make sure that your ponytail has been secured tightly behind the head and brush it with your fingers again to make the hairstyle look thick. You can use other hair accessories to secure the ponytail instead of using the simple elastic.

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