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Hairstyle With Half Head Cornrow


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Half head cornrow is a unique hairstyling technique that can help to increase the texture of your hair. Just like the normal cornrow, you must have a lengthy hair to make it look great. Here is the way to create half head cornrow without consulting a hairstylist. You must know how to create sections with your hair before starting the styling process. Purchase the tools before starting your styling which includes comb, hairspray and curling iron.
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First use a normal comb to brush the hair and mist it with the heat protectant hairspray and use the curling iron to create curls in your hair. Try to divide the hair in sections before using the curling iron to achieve beautiful curls. If you have naturally curly hair avoid using the curling iron. Next part your hair where you want to create the cornrow and leave the remaining hair as t is. Make two sections with the parted hair and continue to create parts with the hair that is used to create the cornrow. Take one of the hair part and divide it into three sections which will be used for braiding as usual. Use the same method on the remaining hair parts that was divide before. Once you complete the braiding process you will have braids on one part of your head which will be used to create cornrows just like the braiding process. Use a simple elastic band to secure your braid in its place and

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