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Using Egg White To Prepare Hair Conditioner


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Hair conditioning is a process that helps to maintain your hair in a healthy manner. Most of them use hair conditioners that are available in the store, it can be costly and also contain chemicals that can damage your hair. There are ways to condition your hair with natural products which includes using an egg white as a hair conditioner which can make the entire hair look healthy and shiny.
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To prepare hair conditioner with egg white, take one cup hot water in a bowl and include rosemary into it. Boil the mixture in the bowl and strain rosemary from water. Now take 2 eggs and mix only the white form into the bowl. Keep the bowl aside and wash your entire hair as usual with shampoo and rinse it normally. Now take the mixture from the bowl for applying it over the hair from top to end. Just use your fingers to spread the mixture on your hair and cover the hair with a towel. Leave the hair with the mixture for about half an hour and rinse hair using lukewarm water. Avoid using too hot water on your hair as it will spoil your conditioning process. Rinse the hair completely till it becomes free from the egg conditioner. It is better to use cold water to rinse the hair which will add shine into the hair. Stay away from using the hair dryer and other hairstyling products after this process.

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