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Using Molasses For Treating Gray Hair


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Molasses is normally used for baking and it also features lot of healthy benefits. Apart from this some of them also use it for treating their hair when it becomes gray in color. Gray hair usually occurs when people get old, but some of them face this problem soon. Molasses doesn’t feature any protein in it, but it mainly has lot of sugar content. Try to consult a hairstylist or a doctor to prevent gray hair. There are different ways to treat your gray hair with molasses by following these simple and easy methods.
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The first option is consuming blackstrap molasses early morning. The second option is taking 1 tbsp along with the molasses and mix ice into it. Then you must add 3/4 cup milk into the mixture to prepare the molasses recipe. Another option is mixing 1 tbsp blackstrap molasses in a cup of water and place it in a microwave to make it warm. Next mix the water using a spoon and before drinking it make sure that the molasses has been completely dissolved. Some of the treatments that is involved in treating your gray hair features molasses and there has also been positive results into it. On the other side the molasses is also known to treat lower blood pressure and also depression. Before using molasses for treating your gray hair or any other purpose make sure to consult a doctor to prevent any type of health problems.

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