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Zoe Kazan With Beveled Edge Cut


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Zoe Kazan has got a unique hairstyle that is known as beveled edge cut and it can be created with medium to short length hair. The ends of your hair will be cut to look sharp in this haircut and it is normally created by a hair specialist. But by following this simple method you can get Zoe Kazan style at home.
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To start your process first refer some of the picture of people who are wearing this hairstyle. You can also see Zoe Kazan pictures with this haircut to get some idea about cutting your hair in this way. There are different versions available in this haircut, try to select the best one for your hair type. You must purchase the scissor that must feature a flatter edge about 35-degree angle. Begin your cutting process with a normal hair wig than trying it with your own hair. The scissors used for creating this cut will be owned by hairstylists, so consult them to know which one is the best for your process. The hair must be cut like creating a blunt cut which is easier to do and your haircutting pattern must look good. Once your hair is cut in this method, try to wash it and condition regularly to maintain it in a proper way. Make sure to spritz your hair using water during the cutting process as it will make your cutting process easy and cut the stray hairs if you find any.

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