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Different Ways To Secure Your Braid


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Braiding is a very common way of styling your hair and it is normally secured with a rubber band. But using a rubber band in your braid can give hard time if you are trying to remove it. So instead of using a rubber band to keep the braid in place just follow other techniques to secure your hairstyle. You can use any of the following items to secure your braid.
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The first option is using a small barrette at the end of your braid by just sliding and pressing it down gently to secure it in place. Use only small teeth barrettes to secure the braid in a perfect way and avoid using the barrette that has bigger teeth as it will come out of the braid easily. Another option to secure your braid is with the silicone elastics that feature more flexibility to be included in your hairstyle. You can simply wrap your braid with the silicone hair elastic just like using a rubber band. Try to twist it continuously till the braid gets secured tightly. The next option for your braid is twist ties which is also very easy to use. You can just pull the ends of your twist ties and use it around end of your braid. Try to keep the twist tie in place by twisting its ends around your hair. You can also use a ribbon to tie it around the twist tie to make it look more unique.

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