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Maintaining Your Hair Under A Wig


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Those who are wearing a wig on regular basis must deal with their natural hair in a proper way. Wigs are normally worn to create unique looking hairstyle without touching your original hair. If you fail to secure the natural hair under the wig in a proper way, there are chances of hair fall. Here are few ways to maintain your hair properly while wearing a wig.
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Always use nylon netting wig which will make your natural hair feel the fresh air. Stay away from wigs that have been made with cotton as it can affect your hair growth and also cause damage to the hairline. You can avoid the damage for your hairline if your use a gel liners on the wig. Try to wash your hair with shampoo before wearing the wig and also condition your natural hair without fail. Also make sure that your hair is completely dry before using the wig on your head. In case you are wearing a wig on daily basis, try to trim your hair to get rid of any split ends. This will also prevent from getting the hair follicles damaged and maintain your natural hair healthy. Another way to wear the wig without damaging your original hair is by wrapping it around the head and place the wig covering your hair. Make sure to secure the wrapped hair under the wig in a proper way so it doesn’t become loose and become easily visible.

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