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Apply Color Over Spiral Permed Hair


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Creating spiral perms in your hair can give a beautiful look and it can be achieved with perm rods. In case you want to apply color over the permed hair it is important to follow a proper method. You must try to perm your hair first and then use the hair color over it. Those who want to apply dark color on their permed hair, they must follow these simple technique. You must make sure that your scalp is properly maintained before going for this coloring process and also condition the hair with a regular hair conditioner after the styling process.
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You must prepare the hair properly by washing it before undergoing the perming process. While applying the color on your permed hair can cause slightly damage to it, you can prevent it by using a proper hair conditioner. To use dark color on permed hair you must select semi-permanent or demi-permanent hair coloring product. You can apply the color on the same day when the hair gets permed. The color will stay on your hair for few weeks, but it can stay a little longer while applying it over a newly permed hair. Also use slightly darker color than the natural hair color to make the color stay on hair for a longer time. Make sure to apply a hair conditioner over your hair once it has been colored to prevent any damage. Visit a hairstylist before starting this coloring process at home.

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