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Side Part Wig With Stocking Cap


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Stocking cap with wig has lot of benefits when you wear it in a proper way. It is the best way to personalize your wig as per the shape of your head. There are some of the wigs that will not fit properly over your head, so you will be able to create the stocking cap wig without touching your natural hair.
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First create a simple ponytail with your hair and place a shower cap to prevent the glue from entering into your hair during the styling process. Now take 2 stocking caps used for tan and place it over your plastic cap. Next place the glue over your weft strip and stick your extension hair over it in a horizontal way from one ear to another over plastic cap. Use a blow dryer to dry the extension over the cap and do the same on the remaining part of your head. You must also keep a track of hair extension vertically over the cap and across middle of your head. At last make a side part by adding extension on one side of your head. You can stick hair on both side of your part from front edge over the cap to the back of your head. Try to roll a small hair piece and secure the weft over the rolled hair by using glue. Use the blow dryer again on this hair part and take the plastic cap out of your head for drying it naturally.

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