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Creating Sock Curls At Home


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Sock curls are the best way to style your hair without using any heating tools. The curly hairstyle has been the most liked style by most of the women and it is usually achieved with the help of a curling iron. It is a perfect hairstyle for summer season and you can follow this simple method to create the beautiful curls in your hair with the help of socks without using heat.
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Sock curls can be maintained very easily when compared to other similar curly hairstyle. It can also stay on your head with the same curly structure for many days if you maintain it in a proper way. Start your styling from the end of your hair by wrapping the hair section around a sock in one direction in which the curls will move. Once your entire hair section gets wrapped with the sock, secure it by tying a simple knot. Use the same wrapping technique with the remaining hair sections and remove it after few minutes or you can also sleep with socks on. Remove the socks in the morning to see beautiful looking curls in your hair. Another simple option is just wrapping the hair with the sock just like using a ribbon. First take a sock and cut it into half for wearing it with a hairstyle. For this you have to create a hairstyle in your hair as you wish and use the socks to secure it.

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