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Steps To Wash Weft Weave At Home


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Weft weave is a hairstyling product that is normally attached to your head as extension. You must wash the weft weave to maintain it in a proper way before wearing it along with your hair. Just follow this method for cleaning your hair with a simple wash. Make sure to follow a proper washing technique to prevent any damage to your weft weave. You can also visit a hairstylist to consult them for maintaining your weave.
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To wash your weft weave, first you have to purchase clarifying shampoo. Once you wash the hair with the clarifying shampoo you can take the residue out of it completely. This will make your weft weave soft and will open your hair shaft. Instead of applying the shampoo over your hair, try to mix it in a bowl of water. Then place your weave into the bowl. Avoid washing the weave like your natural hair as it can cause damage to it. During the washing process, make sure to use your hands only and don’t put too much pressure over the weave. At last rinse your weave carefully with normal water and apply a small amount of light hair conditioner all over. Next comb your weft weave gently and now you can wear it as usual. Give extra care while washing the weft weave as it cannot be treated once you cause any damage to it and don’t use any chemical products while washing your weave.

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