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Masquerade Ball Hairstyle


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Masquerade ball hairstyle is of different types and you can select the best one suitable for your outfit. But one of the most worn hairstyle for the masquerade ball is created with a ponytail. You can use the following method to create this hairstyle at home with the help of a friend.
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First make a simple straight part over your head from left ear to right and comb the top part of your hair leaving the bottom hair to hang on its own. Now take the top part of your hair to create a simple ponytail and secure it using a rubber band. Next pull the bottom part of your hair and comb it nicely. Then try to join both the hair with the ponytail and the lose hair together. Make sure that there are no flyaways over your ponytail as it can spoil your hairstyle. You must divide the ponytail into 2 sections and brush both these sections separately from top to bottom. Now your hair will look little poufy and you must join both the sections together. Try to roll the hair on top of your head just like a simple looking soft knot and keep it secured with a clip. You will find some of the hair strands coming out of your knot, so try to keep them secured under the knot over your head. Now you are ready to wear the mask and the right dress suitable for your hairstyle to attend masquerade ball.

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