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Steps To Get Rid Of Sewn Hair


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Sewn hair can give a unique look if you do it by using a particular styling method. But while removing your sewn hair also you must follow a separate technique. You must have various tools small scissors, clips and more to use the following method for removing the sewn hair.
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Start your process with the small scissors from underneath your thread on the hair. Try to nip the thread out very gently and avoid putting any pressure over it. You can cut the thread with the small scissors in a row and sometimes if you select a particular point pull the thread it is possible to unravel entire thread easily. Now you will see that the braid has been fully exposed and most of the people usually wrap their hair within the thread to add extra support which must also be cut in the same way. Always place the small scissor underneath your thread so you will only cut the thread without touching the hair. If you are using this method of removing the sewn hair which is new will make your work easy and those who have the sewn weave that is more than 2 months old will feel difficult to remove it. There will be more gnarls in your hair as the sew will be old and you must give special attention while removing it with the small scissors. Once you have removed thread in one row secure it using a clip.

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