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Creating Curls In A Straight Weave


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Straight hair weave can give a simple look once you wear it, but the same hair can look good if you create curls in it. There are few simple steps involved while creating curls in your straight weave. You must begin the styling from top part over your hair. Creating tight curls with the straight weave can be a perfect choice and it also involves a very simple process when compared to creating loose curls.
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First create sections in your hair and take one of the hair section for wrapping it around a curling iron. You can create tight curls by using small barreled curling iron and use big barreled curling iron to achieve loose curls. Make sure to wrap the hair from top to end in the barrel of the curling iron. Leave the curling iron for few seconds on your hair and once you take the hair out of your iron try to brush it with fingers. Don’t brush the curled hair with a comb as it will take the curls out of your hair. it with your fingers. Use the same curling process on the remaining hair sections and it can stay in the same shape for 2-3 days depending upon the season you are weaving it. Make sure to mist the curls in your weave with a spray and finger comb the curls. In case the weave becomes fully straight in few days, use the same method again to get the curls.

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