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Applying Color Over Highlighted Hair


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Coloring highlighted hair can be a difficult process as you have to follow a proper technique. When you try to apply color over the highlighted hair, it will easily absorb the color that makes it more difficult to maintain a single color in your hair. The best option to color highlighted hair is by visiting a hair specialist as they can do this in a perfect way.
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While coloring your highlighted hair on your own try to select the best hair dye which is very important. You can make this coloring process simple if you select dark colored dyes. Next try to use two different hair colors such as primary and secondary as you can easily cover the highlights. The primary color will be used to cover most of your hair and make sure it is similar to the secondary hair color. While selecting the secondary color make sure it is 2-3 shades darker to make the hair coloring successful over the highlighted hair. Try to divide your highlighted hair from the remaining hair, so you can make the coloring process easy. First use the primary color and leave it on for about 20 minutes and rinse the hair normally. Then dry your hair with normal towel and comb it to remove tangles. Next you can apply the secondary color over the rinsed hair without touching the other sections of your hair. Leave it on for half an hour and rinse entire hair again.

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