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Steps To Follow For Flipping Your Weave


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A weave is normally worn over your hair to get a volumized look in your hair. Even though you are not having a full and lengthy hair, it is possible to create an illusion like that. Most of the time weaves are normally worn like your natural hair, but sometimes you can also flip them by using the complete weave track.
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First you must create cornrow braids with your naturally in an horizontal way before wearing the weave. Then wrap your weave track on the cornrow over your head which is low behind the head and secure it in place. Now try to take a weave needle along with the thread and knot it at the end. You must begin the sewing process with your weave track and attach it to the cornrows. Use lining of your weave track for sticking your needle and make it go under the cornrow. Next twist your weave thread in the needle at least twice and it must come out of your hair. Try to work from a side of your head and move to other side. You must now flip your weave track which is left out towards side of your head and fold it backward. Then take the weave track over next cornrow to create a hair layer and sew the weave track along with your cornrow as usual. You can continue the sewing as well as flipping your entire weave track all the way to the end.

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